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Article of the now: Centipede Hz

CentipedeHz AlbumCover
1. Moonjock
2. Today's Supernatural
3. Rosie Oh
4. Applesauce
5. Wide Eyed
6. Father Time
7. New Town Burnout
8. Monkey Riches
9. Mercury Man
10. Pulleys
11. Amanita
Centipede Hz is the tenth studio album by Animal Collective, and was released on September 4, 2012. The album was announced on May 13, 2012, with an official video on their website which contained the titles of the songs on the album. The majority of the tracklist debuted live during their 2011 tour.

Featured Song

Fireworks is Animal Collective's fifth single, and only available on 10" vinyl and digital. It was produced by Scott Colburn and released by Domino Records to support their recent album, Strawberry Jam, where Fireworks appears as track five and runs for 6:50.

"There's a romantic sense of longing, an air of celebration, but also tinges of doubt, loss, and acceptance. That it's all rendered so beautifully, with tempered banshee vocals, some spacey dub elements to kick off the middle break, and one of the band's best melodies-- and layered and varied enough to have had two or three good songs built from it-- reveals the band's mastery of complex, experimental pop songcraft." —Mark Richardson

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