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Animal Collective's
Chocolate Girl
Album Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished
Released August, 2000
Length 8:28
Label Animal, Fat Cat
Writer Avey Tare
Penny Dreadfuls
Chocolate Girl
Everyone Whistling


In cycle, I'll lead you around the ocean,
Where grass grows, and remnants of you in devotion,
My breath's out, inhaling upon trees, it's frozen,
And look out, and trace along the house where shit is frozen,
Then holding, quietly, the sound is dead,
And sing in turn, in light
When life meets child, your only plight in light
When ceilings smile, we'll sleep a while in light
I'll take you for walks among the patients

She had a pretty dad, but she was growing out of play-school,
Still she could kick and scream and play, until she wanted to
My little chocolate girl
Her brother barely out of high school
Lived in a place where he could scream, until he wanted to
Oh fuzzy tidy cat
And she could bury him in apples
And curl around a bowl of cotton, till she wanted to

Still she had to speak loud 'cause hearing isn't, "I am here with them"
And we took a picture, Sunday flowers in the garden
And quite late, still drinking with the boys until it's later
And pray small, your hopes of something better to show her,
And holding time, the sound is dead,
It's singing time, in light
When life meets child, your only plight, in light
When ceilings smile, we'll sleep a while, in light
I'll take you for walks among the patients

She met a pretty boy, and they would dance between their elders
And she would cream until the wine she bought had settled in
My little chocolate girl
She used to love the stars of England
She slept on records and her market jewelry from her school,
Her colors matched the room
And she would twirl around the curtains,
she had a hand to hold her chin up when her friends walked out,
The kid across the street
He'll keep around when she was changing,
And he would wait and she would tell her friends about the boy
Her Mom and Dad at home
She had saliva in her pockets,
She gave a girl when her last grace hath found thee, dig the day

So good, my chocolate girl,
Oh won't you like an 'A'

So put your lanterns on across the maze so I won't feast on folly,
Bell of the rain who brought the stings and dead
And who will pop the trade, 'cause I can't see you
I'll open up my brain again

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