Animal Collective
Animal Collective's
Daffy Duck
Album Feels
Released October 18, 2005
Length 7:34
Label Fat Cat
Producer Scott Colburn
Banshee Beat
Daffy Duck
Loch Raven


What I need is good advice cooked on plates of ground meat
Rubber hands and silly friends pasted on my wall
Someone sold a sweet sea soup that I could swim in proudly
We might swim like laughing ducks in your pink light book

There we go changing kin (again), there you go again

My hands can make yours warm again if not absorbed in blankets
Are you in need of teething and nibble on your neck?
If I had volcano boots for swimming in volcanoes
Do you know the origins of laughing ducks? What's the matter with those birds?

There you go changing kin [again], there we go again

What you need's a happy farm with happy goats and sheep
What I need's a happy arm to swing you 'round like father