Animal Collective
Animal Collective's
Mercury Man
Album Centipede Hz
Released September 4, 2012
Length 4:18
Label Domino
Producer Ben Allen
Monkey Riches
Mercury Man


Sounds like machines talking to me on the phone. I say but they don't quite get me.
It's hard to make my feelings known. Sometimes I wish for a long wave.
When I'm waiting for someone to calm my tone. Bad vibes I've got hold dementia.
When I'm one thousand Hz from home. Sometimes I wish for a short wave home.

Two human beings. I'm upset your upset what's to be done.

Old lines. Everybody talking from there homes. Bad news but your bed will take you.
If you could only feel what's wrong. Sometimes I wish for a hand wave home.

Two humans beings. I'm upset your upset what's to be done?
Two Human Beings. What a mess what a mess what's to be done?

You got to slide it off like mercury
Can I play my parts like mercury?
Would you let me feel like mercury?
can I always be like mercury?

We must be somewhere
Can't find it (nowhere love)
Is it me?
I keep calling
It feels like there's no one there