Animal Collective
Animal Collective's
Prospect Hummer
Album Prospect Hummer
Released May 24, 2005
Length 4:40
Label Fat Cat
It's You
Prospect Hummer
Baleen Sample


It's quiet on my floor except for the gospel ladies
Just the smell of some wicked candles makes me thinks into the

They wear light-rimmed hats and joyful smiles
Who loved to run up the street branch
And in the middle of it is a puddle of water
Wind of faithful voices

Your cat is a friendly brother who'd offer his heart with allegiance
And if he could talk, we'd be best friends, the only friend he has is his food bowl
And he bites away at your book hand for the commendable attention you give him
And you cuddle for a half an hour and he dreams about his food bowl

I'll leave you in my heart, six or seven later
I'm still very very hungry, I'm still writing songs I can play
But my heaven is all around me and there's Zulu in my body
Have I eaten all the very good dates now? Is our night worth contemplating?