We're Getting Mutants in the MCU - The Loop

Animal Collective's
Album Here Comes the Indian
Released June 17, 2003
Length 2:49
Label Paw Tracks
Two Sails on a Sound
Too Soon


I learned a lot about dreamin' in day school
You gotta think about the energy
And tell us that you try to conclude your day school
I learned a lot about dreamin' in day school
I think that people knew what it was

Well I had a little slippi and I held it as a baby
And I wanna thank my mommy cause I'm sentimental slippi
Well I'm gonna raise a family and I gotta have a baby
And she'll have a little slippi and she'll say oh my little slippi, little slippi

I could tear the pages that I hide from Mr. (...)
She's not glowing, he won't play no music with your eyes closed

I learned a lot about dreamin' in day school!
And I'm shouting 'cause you're naked but the children better listen
'Cause your memory's gonna riot and you'll be shootin' parrots (...)
So don't you ever start your cryin', keep on shouting cause you're naked
Your lives 'll make you crazy when your fortune shoots a (...) up on your list

So keep it in with the changes that I hide from Mr. (...)
She's my blue, she'll color wise old babies with their eyes closed

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