Animal Collective
Animal Collective's
Spirit They've Vanished
Album Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished
Released August, 2000
Length 5:53
Label Animal, Fat Cat
Writer Avey Tare
Spirit They've Vanished
April and the Phantom


(Shhh! Do you wanna hear a secret? I know one)

In this place there's a bone in thigh
Felt a change where the links bent right
Find a name in the placeless age
Girls and pain and your window pane

Isolate from a hundred friends
Wave them on as the childhood ends
Turn it fast as one mild day steals
Turn one's soul into 20 years

In spirit they've vanished and they'll show you why
I'll make 'em pay elder, lift my spite in time
If we were just dolphins in the sea air fly
It's hard to just kiss our child games goodbye

It's hard to just kiss our child games goodbye.

(You just messed the whole thing up!)