Animal Collective
Animal Collective's
Who Could Win a Rabbit
Album Sung Tongs, Who Could Win a Rabbit
Released June 1, 2004
July 19, 2004 (single)
Length 2:18
Label Fat Cat
Producer Scott Colburn
Leaf House
Who Could Win a Rabbit
The Softest Voice


Hungry bread and butter hustle, you'll be doing it a while livers only fail
Where's your relaxation? Where's the time required for your health?
Been hating on my new perspective that hurrying along no meal is ever done
You could win a rabbit, you can have a rabbit on
With the fast child is gonna have a dead hand, we can get him started, yeah!
Bad mind let me put on good habits, been working and put on good habits
Sometimes I can't find my good habits

Spanish bands use all the echo, Persian kitty better stay out of the train
Glad you brought your food on, eat it like it's gonna get away
Your coffee sure is getting colder and teethes are getting fewer space is losing place
You could blow an island through the rib

Rabbit or a Habit?
Habit or a Rib?